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GaiaTree Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Buffalo Peaks Center, 28350 County Road 317, Suite 3 Buena Vista, Colorado 81211

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“I’ve had recurring calf pain for about 10 years. I’ve been to a couple of physical therapists but never got a very good explanation of what was going on. After my latest flare-up, at my wife’s urging I decided to try acupuncture. I wanted to try something different anyway, in particular a more holistic approach. I didn’t expect dramatic results, but that’s what I got. I had been jogging with pain, about a 6 or 7 out of 10, for three weeks and was not seeing much progress. But after just my first appointment I saw a big improvement in my running. There was a little discomfort, 2 out of 10, but only on the second half of the run. Megan wasn’t satisfied with a 2, and since the third treatment I’ve been pain free. Not quite three weeks after the first treatment I was back to racing, not especially fit but without any calf problems at all. I hope I can avoid another injury, but should I be so unlucky I know I’ll go back to Megan for treatment.”   –C

I first went to see Megan King, because I had been getting sick with every cold or virus that was going around the community. I also was premenopausal and dealing with woman issues related to this. We had agreed the best way to treat these issues was for me to see her weekly for six weeks. In less than six weeks, I noticed a big difference. My energy level rose, my cycle was stable, and my immune system was strong. I had always believed in the benefit of acupuncture but I was still amazed how quickly my body responded. I must also say that Megan is a wonderful acupuncturist and has always taken the time to really listen to me and identify the areas that needed to be strengthened. She is a knowledgeable and intuitive healer and I would highly recommend her to anyone." –D.

"Megan by far exceeds my expectations. She is genuine, caring and has a great sense of humor. She takes the time to listen to me as a patient and has provided several different acupuncture services depending on my needs at the time. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone, especially someone who wants to feel their absolute best but has not found results with traditional western medicine, or would like to compliment any other treatment they are receiving." –K.

"Megan King has been treating me for a year now with great success and I highly recommend working with her. I appreciate her intuitive approach and have great confidence in her knowledge of acupuncture techniques and use of Chinese herbs and additional modalities to support them. My teenaged daughter is a client of Megan's as well. She is comfortable with Megan and her treatments are positively affecting her in a wholistic way." –R.